Mimi Truffles was started by dessert chef and enthusiast Megan Schultz out of a small kitchen in New York City. We specialize in handmade cake truffles in a variety of decadent flavors. We love to cater all kinds of events and also take custom orders through our website. Whether it's for your next big event or to satisfy a personal craving, we can take your ideas and turn them into a delicious and unique cake truffle that will stand out amongst traditional desserts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Flavor: Lemon!

Hey there truffleites! I hope you're all really enjoying these warm Spring days. Mimi Truffles has yet another exciting new flavor, because when life hands you lemons... make Lemon Truffles. So take a nice walk outside in this beautiful weather and try some out today at Westside Market!

And for those of you who have never tried the crowd favorite (see poll on right), here's the truffle that started it all: Red Velvet! You'll find them at Westside Market, ACROSS from the Deli and to the LEFT of the Coffee!